Update 20/11/17

Maia is back in tomorrows chapter and there may be more to the storm than was first thought…

In response to some messages:

  • Thank you for pointing out any formatting and grammatical errors, I have been editing the older posts as best as I can. There was a slight formatting schism between Word and WordPress it seems, that that has been solved (I think.)

    Is the version of Hellheart you post its complete form, I’ve noticed some mistakes?

  • The Hellheart work posted in still very much in its early development. Really I would like to get the full story out there and see if people like it before going at the full thing again with a big red pen. The response I’ve seen/heard so far has been very encouraging and I do love finding comments, messages and likes whenever I log on here.

    How big is Hellheart? What’s your plan?

  • Hellheart is big… Like, really big… The original draft from about two years ago was a little too condensed I feel and tried to move too quickly without exploring any of the universal lore that was kind of needed for the readers understanding. Characters such as Maia were unable to stand out and much of the blocking was a mess. Book I is really a focus on Maia and the story of her exile. I have a clear path of her life story and of Frostvale’s tragic history and I can’t wait to share it with you.

    When do we get to see Maia again? We didn’t see much of her in your old work or in the new stuff…

  • Tomorrow’s chapter is a Maia chapter.

My poem “Dark Dreams” got a whole bunch of likes pretty much straight after I posted it. Thanks for the likes guys! Fun Fact, I wrote the poem at about 5am after having a pretty morbid nightmare a few years back and it has remained fairly unchanged ever since.

Once again guys and gals, thank you for your support and please keep the questions, likes, comments and so on coming!


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Student of English Literature, Comparative Literature and Classics at Glasgow University. Aspiring writer and poet who dabbles in acting when he can. Or in short... "I like words"

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