Book I, Chapter IV: The Laws of Magic (II)

The legend goes that Merlin was the most powerful mage that has ever existed. A master of all four elements it was rumoured that he had made a pact with an unknown god to cross the realms of both elemental and celestial magic. Many of the tales that follow the mage’s ascent to power seem to clarify his unnatural talent; everything from reading the minds of murderous lords and calming dragons to become his allies to burning armies of invaders to ash or freezing the ocean to stop a tsunami. The last known tale of Merlin was mostly untold due to the dark nature of the story; it appears that despite his good deeds the wizard’s ever-expanding powers drove him insane. Contacting his unknown god, he asked for freedom, the god opened a dimensional portal. Merlin was suddenly overcome with sanity and refused to enter the portal. From the void hundreds of black, dripping tentacles entangled the mage whose defences did nothing to stop the sloppy constriction that dragged him, screaming, through the gate, never to be seen again.

In truth, Merlin did exist and was known to be a very powerful mage who suddenly disappeared without a trace. But, as with any good legend, there were some grains of truth within the exaggerated tales of power and wonder, and it was within these grains that Maia had found a great deal of academic interest. For three years of her research she investigated the lesser known cults of the world with an interest in their gods. Two years after, Maia started researching magical energy and methods of increasing it.

Whilst searching the university’s rare and unique texts, Maia came upon a very old book on magical energy tucked away behind many other dusty and faded tomes. The book was a faded purple with a greenish embossing but strangely free of dust in an extremely dusty room. The book had a strange energy about it which tingled Maia’s hands as she opened the cover. Maia was overcome with a feeling of dread and that she was being watched, no, glared at from an unknown source. She closed the book and looked around the musty room which, as she expected, was empty. Opening the book again, Maia noticed that there was no author to the book named The Old Ways: Magical Energy Development. As she flicked through the chapters that interested her, skimming for buzzwords and names of famous mages, Maia stumbled upon a name that appeared again, and again, and again; the name: Yar Shurrah.

Maia dropped the book as she saw the name as her memory went back to her time chasing the lesser cults. Five separate cults around the world worshiped a deity known as Yar Shurrah and some other cults had focused on a Yog- something-or-other. One trait that connected them all was the cult’s focuses on violence with a penchant for human sacrifice and the consumption of flesh. Many of her studies of the cults had left her with memories she would rather forget. Maia picked the book up as if it was hot and pushed it deep in the pile of books, and left the library as fast as her legs could carry her.

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Student of English Literature, Comparative Literature and Classics at Glasgow University. Aspiring writer and poet who dabbles in acting when he can. Or in short... "I like words"

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