Trying to explain the universe…


Well, I’m no artist but, I hope this helps unravel how I view the universe in Hellheart.

So let me try and explain this to you as best as I can.

Alarion (#1) is the name of the planet in which Hellheart and its stories take place. In my head Alarion is between 5 and 10 times the size of Earth in order to explain the existence of many of the GIANT creatures that exist in the universe.

Alarion exists in its own universe (#2) with its own stars, planets etc, etc, which was formed by “The Creators” who exist in The God Realm (#5). The Gods of Alarion’s universe will probably be explained in a later post. Though, we have met Oceanus already.

Hellheart’s universe is one of the infinite universes found in The Strings of Infinity (#3). It would be reasonable for the readers to assume that our own Earth also exists within the infinite universes 😉

Outside of time and space, outside of INFINITY, exists The Impossible Void (#4). The Void is where the outer dimensional beings exist. The God Entities (The Creators) begin here before being assigned to a universe. The Old/Ancient/Fell Gods also exist here and certainly need their own article. The sinister “God-Types” are NOT creators, they are defilers who prey on universes and the immortal gods (The Creators). They enslave immortals and twist their existences.

These Fell Gods enjoy meddling in the lives of mortals, fulfilling promises and requesting sacrifices. The influences of these Gods strengthen their presence within the universe. There’s much more to be said about these beings, but more on them later.

Souls/Essence/Spirits of ALL living things eventually transcend to the dimensions of Death (#6). Punishable entities must suffer Hell. Heroic, innocent and the riteous go to Paradise. The unremarkable souls and neutral souls exist in Limbo, a place with no pain but also there is no brilliance.  Human souls who exist here can live happy/sad existences.

#7&8 are the infinite power sources to the universe’s magically gifted. I’m not sure quite how to explain this other than an analogy that magic users are like solar panels that can absorb these cosmic energies. If you have been reading, you will know that magic users can ONLY use elemental or celestial magic, not both.

That’s about all the time I can spare from revising from exams today, drawing goofy pictures and explaining them XD.

Please keep reading and giving me your feedback! Nearly at 1,000 followers through all my social medias.

Thanks for reading!


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Student of English Literature, Comparative Literature and Classics at Glasgow University. Aspiring writer and poet who dabbles in acting when he can. Or in short... "I like words"

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