Exam Season almost over!

Hi Everyone,

Due to winter exams you may of noticed a lack of content going up on the site, which is to be expected i s’pose. But the writing and theorising on where Hellheart is heading has not stopped completely.

I am hoping to finish of Chapter 4 this week, concluding Maia’s dealing with an Old God.

Looking beyond that, I’ve been theorising about the other races within Hellheart as we have only met humans thus far (and a couple of Gods). Both Elves and Dwarves will be making some form of appearance, but I will write a separate article dealing with that aspect.

Currently, Hellheart stands at about 3,500 words, I am going to do a big overhaul once I get to around 7,500-10,000. As I have stated many times, this website is a working portfolio and the things I post are not the final iterations. The work in progresses are hopefully telling the story and pointing out the weaknesses in many areas such as blocking, pace, content.

Things I am happy with so far:

  • Getting content out there!
  • Maia as a character and exploring her story.
  • Inclusion of Gods and Old Gods

Things that are concerning me:

  • Pace
  • Constant flashback
  • Interest in the story

I’ve received some very encouraging feedback and some good criticism too, the general feeling is that people see potential and the people who know more about the story in my private life who are privy to Hellheart’s later story, characters and concepts are really looking forward to me actually getting this stuff wrote down. With exams coming to a close and the winter relaxation period ahead, I would expect to be at 7-10,000 words by New Year and ready for a 2018 overhaul before continuing with the story.

Thanks for reading!


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Student of English Literature, Comparative Literature and Classics at Glasgow University. Aspiring writer and poet who dabbles in acting when he can. Or in short... "I like words"

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