Chapter IV: The Arcane University (Part I)

At fifteen years old, Maia was the youngest graduate of The Arcane University there had ever been; more impressively, Maia graduated in all four types of elemental magic; fire, earth water and air, where most scholars would focus on one or perhaps two if gifted. The Arch Mage Rondar had famously graduated with four elements too, but he was twice her age by that time. Maia was a prodigy, revered and envied by her elder peers only beginning their studies. When Maia graduated and said she wished to study celestial magic, the masters were confused.

“Maia, you are a powerful mage, but, you cannot change the cosmos. Celestial magic and elemental magic have always, and will always be separate, it is the way of the Gods.” said Grand Master Archon to Maia’s request.

“At least let me study the phenomena that separates our schools, I want to understand WHY we can only do one or the other.” She pleaded.

“You think you are the first mage who challenged the Gods? It is a fruitless tree to climb Maia and a waste of your incredible talents, why not study the combination of elements, or perhaps, if you want a more cosmic investigation, the study of power syphoning is more to your taste?” Archon suggested.

“Grand Master, with all due respect, I am the most qualified graduate at this university. I have outshone peers’ years, even decades older than I am. Surely I am able to research what I want during my Master years?”

“Nobody can stop you Maia, but, we want to guide you to the best of your abilities. Each year we get wonderful graduates who chase the impossible: cheating death, finding the gods and, yes, breaking the barriers between our schools.” The old master began to pace as he lectured. “Perhaps, out there, there is someone born with the ability to do both, or a creature from our stars who has the answer. But many wise magi have wasted their talents chasing the mystery.”

“What about Merlin?”

“Children’s stories Maia? You wish to chase children’s tales? Merlin was a real mage, yes, and a powerful one at that, but the stories of his powers are highly fantasised.” The master chuckled, but his eyes remained stern. “Elemental mages can not and never will be able to do celestial magic. The same can be said for the other.” Maia went to speak but the Grand Master cut her off. “I see your determination Maia. I will support it, however, if you do not yield results within two years I will demand that you change your focus, or you will be cast out of this university for your own good.”

Accepting the challenge, Maia studied everything she could on the subject of Celestial magic, she attempted to use healing spells for the first time and instead burned herself with fire. Telekinesis was the most basic spell a celestial mage could do, usually it was the first sign a child was gifted in such a way, yet when Maia tried to will an apple to move it wouldn’t even wobble. By the end of her first year, Maia had read all of the fundamental books on celestial magic the university had to offer, she had read over fifty mage journals of failed studies by elemental mages who tried to study celestial magic. Maia found one study that seemed promising only to learn that the mage had faked his results with air magic. This was Maia’s hardest year of study and it had yielded no results.

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