Update 10/12/17

Due to Chapter 4 REALLY not going where I wanted it to, I have sent it to the archive whilst I try again. The chapter really wasn’t making sense to me and for the past few weeks has really bothered me.

I’ll be posting the NEW Chapter 4 (PART 1) straight after this, which I hope is going more in the direction I want it too.

This is normally the stage where I delete my whole document, have a strop and leave the story for a few months, but I won’t be doing that. Instead, I am keeping my broken chapters in the new archive section. The final resting place for failed chapters and disposable posts. Kind of like those maths questions that say “Show your working out.” It’s time I embraced failure and turned it into something.

I hope that (the new) Chapter 4: The Arcane University, part I will be enjoyed and keep my creative juices flowing.


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Student of English Literature, Comparative Literature and Classics at Glasgow University. Aspiring writer and poet who dabbles in acting when he can. Or in short... "I like words"

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